What causes the electric valve is lax

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
What causes the electric valve is lax? In general, if is closed lax, confirm the electric valve if there is a close first, if you have already shut down, there is a leak can't seal, then to check the situation of the sealing surface. Some of the valve seal is removable, grinding it out, try again. If closed lax, it must be returned to the factory repair or replace the valve, so as not to affect the valve working condition of normal use and in accidents and other problems. The reason of electric valve is lax generally have the following kinds: 1, have a card on the sealing surface impurities, sundry deposit in the valve or ascend a cushion between disc and seat. 2, the valve stem threads rust, the valve can't turn. 3, the valve sealing surface destruction, leading to medium leakage. 4, the valve stem and valve connection is not good, and the valve seat valve deflection cannot close contact. anli。 asp
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