What conditions would use the pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve is one of the most widely used industrial control instrument, is mainly composed of pneumatic actuators and various types of ordinary valves. And the difference is different of the actuator, electric valve though when use relatively no electric valve is convenient, but on many occasions is more applicable than the electric valve. But also in terms of price is much cheaper than electric valve. What conditions should choose pneumatic valve? And electric valve, pneumatic valve is more suitable for the occasion of explosion-proof. The main reason is that the pneumatic valve driving source for air, there was no electronic originals, pneumatic actuators used in flammable and explosive occasions, even if failure will not like electric valve, easy to produce sparks and bring security hidden danger. Although also produce explosion-proof electric valve based on these conditions, but from the point of price and performance, if air supply conditions were at the scene should choose pneumatic pneumatic valves such as ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve to use. In transporting toxic hazardous medium condition generally also should choose the corrosion resistance of pneumatic valves, because pneumatic valve has fault reset function, users in the working condition of ordering selection switch type pneumatic valve, in the event of a malfunction or air break, pneumatic valves can be fitted to recover automatically according to user needs or fully open state. To protect the working condition of safety. This is not possessed by general electric valve. Wuxi east the control valve industry science and technology, main production: pneumatic actuators, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic Angle seat valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic feeding valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, pneumatic pipe clamp valve, pneumatic control valve, etc. Various kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuator, hydraulic valve automation control products, etc.
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