What electric two-way valve installation skills?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Electric two-way valve installed before installation should refer to the product specification, whether meet your demand. Piping should be rinsed clean before using, medium not clean the filters should be installed, and to prevent impurities to disturb the normal work of electric two-way valve. Electric two-way valve is generally one-way work, not reverse, the movement direction of the arrow on valve is line, must be consistent. Electric two-way valve installation general level of the valve body, vertical coil, there are some products can be installed arbitrarily, but best vertical when conditions permit, to increase service life. Electric two-way valve in the frozen place to work shall be heat treated, or set the heat preservation measures. Electromagnetic coil lead wire ( Connectors) After connection is good, should confirm whether firm, join electrical components contact should not shake, loose will cause electric two-way valve does not work. Straight to the production of electric two-way valve, had better use the bypass, easy maintenance, does not affect production. Long after discontinuation of electric two-way valve, should be no clear after coagulation and convenient use; When unpick and wash all parts are to put away again restorable installed in sequence.
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