What Is a Drift Test for a Hydraulic Cylinder?

by:AIRWOLF     2019-12-09
A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator device or device used to move or control the mechanism, which converts hydraulic energy into linear mechanical energy.The drift test of the faulty hydraulic cylinder can find out the cause of the Operation problem.Drift refers to the piston of the hydraulic cylinder--Usually move up and down to generate hydraulic power--Sink into the cylinder and grab or stop all movement.
Drift usually occurs due to leakage of the piston seal, resulting in excessive oil in the cylinder.The drift test of the hydraulic cylinder is to test the integrity of the piston seal by pressurizing the cylinder at the end of the stroke to determine the leakage after the seal.This test is usually called \"end-of-The stroke bypass test includes manual operation of the piston.
The basic drift test of the hydraulic cylinder includes placing the cylinder on the bracket, filling the cylinder with oil at the outstretched and retracted ports, and using the directional control valve to extend and retract the cylinder.The cylinder end port must be pressurized to the standard working pressure through the safety valve.The leakage around the rod seal can then be detected.
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