What is a pneumatic valve accessories

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
In pneumatic technology, air filter, relief valve and oil mist detector together three air processing elements, is called a pneumatic triple a, to entering the air purification filter and decompression of the pneumatic instrument to instrument rated supply air pressure, the function of the equivalent circuit of power transformer. Light and small air filtration pressure reducer design, easy installation, therefore, transmitter, pneumatic regulator, it and pneumatic valve positioner etc installed together. If the air filters and pressure reducing valve designed as a whole, become a duplex. Pneumatic Angle seat valve flange type butterfly valve pneumatic fast loading Angle seat valve pneumatic cement limit switch is one of the control system to detect the valve state, field instruments to the valve open or closed position to switch ( Contact) Signal output, accepted by routine controller or computer sampling, confirmed after the execution of a program. The product also can be used as the important valve interlock protection system and far alarm indication.
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