What is a pneumatic valve 'several' and 'tong'

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
'Tong' and 'a' is an important concept of pneumatic directional valve. Different 'tong' and 'who' make up the different types of pneumatic directional valve. Commonly referred to as 'two valve', 'three valve' refers to the directional valve valve core has two or three different working position. So-called two-way valve, three-way valve, four-way valve, 'five-way valve' refers to the reversing valve body with two, three, four, five different affinity and can be connected to the system in different tracheal interface, only through a valve core shift between different pneumatic valve port of the switch to communicate. PVC ball valve pneumatic type knife gate valve pneumatic fast loading Angle seat valve in front of 'several', do you want to see the valve there are several kinds of working state, can say is, if there are any pneumatic component symbols, to better understand, represented in figure on the body of the square, There a arrow or T line) There are several is a few. And the 'a few', is represented in one of the square, there are several points on the And the arrow line and T line intersection point) , it is a few. The meaning of graphic symbol in general are as follows: ( 1) With said the job position the box, there are several box means that there are a few 'a'; ( 2) Inside the box with the arrow said gas path in the connected state, but the actual direction of gas flow direction arrow does not necessarily said; ( 3) Box symbol '┻' or '┳', said the pathways blocked; ( 4) External connection interface for a few, the box said several 'tong'; ( 5) In general, the valve connected to the system of gas inlet in P; Valve and the system back to the gas path connecting the outlet with the R ( Sometimes with EA or EB) Said. The valve port, which is connected with actuators in A, B, etc. ( 6) Directional control valve, there are two or more than two working position, one is normal, the valve core is not subjected to manipulate force position. Graphic symbol of the median was the norm of the three valve. Use of two valve, spring return to near the spring box access status to its normal position. Map system, the general should be connected to the gas path of the norm of the reversing valve.
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