What is a steam trap?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
The steam trap is an automatic discharge of condensed water and block the steam leakage of the valve without non-condensable gas. In the industry, are often used to steam heating equipment products or as a driving force. In this case, will need to use the steam trap to ensure no leakage. “ Trap & throughout; In the valve professional terminology is defined like this: a can without outside help, automatic device to remove condensate from the equipment or pipeline. What is the purpose of the installation of steam trap? Steam is water vaporized after the formation of the gas. In order to form the process of evaporation, water molecules must absorb enough energy, the molecules ( Hydrogen bonding, etc. ) Between produces burst. The energy conversion of changed from liquid to gas is called & other; Latent heat & throughout; 。 Basis: steam heat exchanger using the latent heat of steam to heat energy conversion to the products, but when steam heating was completed ( Is the loss of the latent heat) Condensed water, steam condensation formation. In other words, the condensed water doesn't have the ability to like steam heating object. In thermal efficiency will be affected, so no matter in the steam pipeline or heat exchanger, condensate must be rapid discharge. The necessity of steam trap reason with general valve will have what problem? May sometimes think: can use other regulator instead of the traditional steam trap, manually adjust the valve opening to achieve condensate emissions. In theory it is possible. However, to achieve the conditions and the situation is very extreme. Therefore, in practice, it is not a practical solution. The biggest problem is how to set the valve opening. If set to a fixed opening, cannot the condensate formation speed fluctuates. In fact, the amount of condensed water formed in the same system is not fixed. In terms of equipment, the boot when the cooling water and the general work situation is different, and the product load fluctuations will also affect the cooling water. Similarly, in terms of steam pipeline, and condensation water and outdoor temperature and weather too. If the device will not be able to withstand fluctuations caused by the condensed water capacity, then the condensed water need to be immediately discharge instead of condensed water accumulated by the device or the pipe will influence in the thermal efficiency. On the other hand, when the load reducing can produce steam condensed water leak, cause waste of steam. Reduce the heat exchange efficiency and waste steam trap can be applicable to a variety of different mechanical devices of various types of steam trap ( According to the working principle of the division) Have already developed into can automatically discharge of condensed water and without non-condensable gas. By far the most common principle is to use temperature difference, specific gravity, pressure difference between the three. Each type of steam trap has advantages and applications.
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