What is the difference between oil with water using electromagnetic valve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
What is the difference between oil with water using electromagnetic valve? Solenoid valve has closed cavity, in a different location to open a hole, each hole to connect different tubing, cavity piston is among, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coil electricity body which side will be attracted to, through to control the movement of the valve to open or close the different discharge of oil hole, and the oil hole is always open, hydraulic fluid will enter the different oil drain, and then through the oil pressure to push the cylinder piston, piston drives the piston rod, piston rod drive mechanism. This flow of electricity by controlling the electromagnet fault controls the mechanical movement. How to distinguish oil with solenoid valve and water with oil solenoid valve with electromagnetic valve product variety, seal technology is one of the key, oil resistant rubber only category name, different oil and even the same oil contains impurities will need to choose different oil resistant rubber. Such as the ability doesn't necessarily unleaded gasoline resistance leaded gasoline. In recent years, with the special solenoid valve sales, special oil resistant rubber also constantly improve the service life. Oil viscosity difference is very big, must choose different structure of the solenoid valve. High viscosity oil is often under the conditions of high temperature circulation, so the electromagnetic valve also to solve the problem of high temperature resistance. For fuel still need to meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Water with solenoid valve with electromagnetic valve is considered to be the most simple, but the water is divided into tap water, industrial pure water, industrial waste water, irrigation water, sea water, and other categories, its corrosion resistance, cleanliness of each different, should choose different electromagnetic valve, respectively. Tap water valve, though the most general use different requirements on the performance of the valve is not the same. Such as fire electromagnetic valve, the movement reliability is crucial, one thousand failure consequence is unimaginable. Even ordinary manual valve is not opening and closing for a long time, it is difficult to open. High-rise buildings have sprung up in recent years, our country fire control solenoid valve technology is mature. And like a water plant should be electromagnetic valve is used in the inverted siphon road, the electromagnetic valve but in the stress state, but also under vacuum condition and reliable work, must not have leakage, and in the cleanliness of water is not high, still should be flexible. Sprinkler irrigation solenoid valve also along with the development of the agricultural and garden forestry application step by step. To learn more about the electromagnetic valve products and technology, welcome to visit our website HTTP / / solenoid
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