What is the electric control valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Electric control valve is an important execution units in industrial automation process control instrumentation. As in the field of industrial automation degree is higher and higher, is being more and more application in the field of all kinds of industrial production. By receiving the signal of industrial automation control system to drive the change between the cross-sectional area of the valve core and valve seat valve size control pipe medium process parameters such as flow rate, temperature, pressure and etc. Automated regulating function. Electric single-seat regulating valve, is made up of straight travel all electronic electric actuators and top guide through low flow resistance of single seat valve. With compact structure, light weight, action quick, fluid channels in an s-shaped streamlined, small pressure drop loss, large capacity of valve, the flow characteristic of * *, 4 - directly to adjust the instrument input 20mA DC 0- 10 ma DC or 1 - 5 v DC and single-phase power supply control signal to control operation, realize the process of the pipeline automatic adjustment control, * * control is widely used in gas, liquid, steam and other process parameters such as pressure and flow of the medium, the parameters such as temperature, liquid level in a given value. Electric flow characteristic of regulating valve is the valve pressure difference on both ends under the condition of constant, the medium flows through the electric control valve of the relation between relative flow and its opening. Electric control valve flow characteristics are: linear features, such as percentage and parabolic characteristics of three. Electric two-seater regulator is installed electric regulator * work is suitable for the installation of piston top at the bottom of the horizontal. Temperature sensor can be installed in any position, the length must be immersed into the accused of medium. Electric regulator generally includes drive, accept the drive signal to control the valve adjustment, can also according to the need of control, intelligent network control system, optimization control to realize remote monitoring. High pressure steam regulating valve solenoid valve classification maintenance points
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