What is the relationship between ball valves and butterfly valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Ball valves and butterfly valves in our daily life plays an important role in production, is in our life plays an important role in production, and has a wide application. They all have their own characteristics, to a great extent, promote the development of many industries. Ball valve is in the process of opening and closing on both ends of the valve seat hold force under operation, it is half a ball valve opening and closing torque, the greater the nominal diameter of open-close torque, the more obvious difference, the butterfly valve opening and closing is to overcome the deformation of the rubber, torque is bigger. The gate valve, globe valve operating time is long and arduous. Ball valve and plug valve is belong to one type of valve, only its closure is a ball, the ball around the center line of the body as a rotation to achieve a kind of open and close the valve. Ball valve in the line is mainly used for cutting, distribution, and change the flow direction of medium. The structure and principles of butterfly valve is especially suitable for production of large diameter butterfly valve disc installed on the diameter of the pipe direction. Cylindrical channels in butterfly valve body, disc disc around the axis of rotation, rotation Angle for 0 & deg; ~90° Between, rotate to 90 & deg; When the valve is fully open. Its simple structure, low cost, adjustable scope is bigger. Ball valve usually applies to the class without pellet impurity of the liquid, gas, fluid pressure loss is small, sealed performance is good, high cost. In comparison, the ball valve sealing butterfly valve is better than others. Valve seal is to rely on the seat extrusion on the sphere for a long time, it is half a ball valve must wear fast, ball valve sealing usually adopt flexible material, also hard to use in high temperature and high pressure pipeline. Butterfly valve seal is rubber for mediation, it is half a ball valve, ball valve, gate valve, metal hard seal performance. After half a ball valve use for a long time, the seat trace wear, also can produce it may continue to use by adjusting, stem and packing in the process of opening and closing the valve stem just rotate it 90 & deg; , when there were signs of leakage, pressure packing gland bolts touch again, packing can be realized without leakage, and the other is still the small leak valve force, big leaks in the valve. The characteristics of the butterfly valve is opening and closing fast, simple structure, low cost, but the rigor and confined ability is bad. The characteristics of the ball valve and gate valve are similar, however, limited by size and the opening and closing resistance, it's hard to do big caliber.
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