What is the working principle of the pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve is a kind of have the aid of compressed air to control the hardware of the valve pneumatic valve, it greatly convenient for the engineering work of related industries, also save a lot of energy costs for the enterprise. Useful to the pneumatic valve enterprise employees must understand its working principle, and the right operation method, can accurate for homework. The working principle of pneumatic control valve, pneumatic control valve is made up of actuators and regulating mechanism. Is a thrust part of the regulating valve actuator, it according to the size of the control signal pressure to produce the corresponding thrust, promote regulating mechanism. The body is the adjustment of the pneumatic control valve components, it is directly contact with control agent, regulating the flow of the fluid. The working principle of the pneumatic ball valve pneumatic ball valve ball is by cock shift, it's at its rotate 90 °, sphere around the body center for rotation to achieve open, a round hole or channel through its axis. When its rotate 90 ° the valve is in closed state, when the actuators work, just a small rotational torque to the valve shut tightly, which can achieve fast truncation to cut off the principle. Pneumatic ball valve with application in fast cutting, distribution, and change the flow of the medium pipeline. Pneumatic ball valve opening and closing it quickly, suitable for the size of the diameter. The v-shaped ball can accurately adjust the medium flow. There are two kinds of pneumatic ball valve structure distinguish, ball core is a kind of O, O type ball valve for precision casting, valve core flow crossing the same as the pipe size, is mainly used as truncation switch. The other is a v-shaped ball core, it USES a fixed structure, the ball on the core with a v-shaped incision, after adding locator on actuator for fiber ratio control, granular media. The working principle of pneumatic control valve of pneumatic control valve is in the pneumatic system control pressure, flow rate and flow direction of air flow, and guarantee the normal work of the pneumatic actuators or institutions of various types of pneumatic components. Control and adjustment of the compressed air pressure element is called the pressure control valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve working principle of the pneumatic disc valve is used with the rotating circular disc for opening and closing of the valve orange, enabling action in order to realize the main block valves use pneumatic valve, can be designed to have a adjustment or section of the valve and the adjustment function, the dish valve in the low voltage and medium caliber pipe on the use of more and more want to know more about the working principle and structure of pneumatic valve can be accessed
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