What properties are needed in pneumatic air cylinders raw materials?
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What filter is used for rural well water? Do a filter first,Then put the filtered water into the tank from the filter pool.The materials in the household filter pool are also very simple,Usually two floors,Put some garden stones on the first floor (commonly known as Ma Laogu ),Generally 20 to 30 centimeters thick,Put a layer of yellow sand on it.Of course, the garden stone on the next floor can be divided into two levels,It is the garden stone with a larger diameter at the bottom (usually about ten centimeters in diameter ),Then put a little smaller in diameter (usually three to five centimeters in diameter,The top is yellow sand,Yellow sand is about ten centimeters.If water is automatically put into the tank from the filter tank,The yellow sand is slightly larger from the pool.2. install a water purification filter.Water purification filter is an indispensable device in the pipeline of conveying media,It is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed

Manufacturing process of particle filter Particle filter manufacturing process:1. manufacturing materials: Natural Stone (rice stone), activated carbon, charcoal, plastic paper, glue and iron sheet.2. first put two pieces of plastic paper with a diameter of about 4 cm, grind natural stone (rice stone) into powder, put a little on the paper, and then put activated carbon ash on the paper, with (thin) charcoal, stick two pieces of plastic paper together and finish. Need to test several times after completion.3. after completing the test, iron sheets can be added to the outer layer to prevent crushing.Particle filter is a new type of filter equipment developed in recent years. It can filter out particles and bacteria above 0.1um of liquid and gas, with high filtering accuracy, fast transition speed, less adsorption, no media shedding, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and convenient operation. The particle filter is now a necessary equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, beverage, fruit wine,
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