What standards are followed during industrial vibraters production?
What type of filter is used in chilled water systems? 15 http://www .Eastwater.Com.Cn/zhongshui/shalv.The central air-conditioning circulating water precision filter is conducive to improving the practical efficiency of the central air-conditioning,Extend the service life of the central air conditioner.In the operation of the open cooling tower,The circulating cooling water in the system has a lot of contact with the air,Let the CO2 in the water escape into the air,The carbonated equilibrium state in the water is destroyed;On the other hand, dissolved oxygen in cooling water causes unstable water quality,To cause scale and corrosion in the system;At the same time, organic matter and microorganisms in air dust will also be brought into the water,Continuous breeding and accumulation,Form bio-clay.Scale, corrosion and bio-clay produced by the above action,The three are connected and influenced by each other.Salt scale is combined with dirt to form the particles,Scaling and clay can accelerate cor

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What is the role of compressed air filter? In the 'compressed air station design specification-2002', the filter is clearly defined: 'When the user has requirements for compressed air quality, it should be before and after the air drying device, with gas equipment, etc., the filter of the corresponding accuracy of the equipment ',' when the compressed air needs to be dried, before entering the drying device, effective oil removal measures should be taken for the compressed air ', etc. This shows how important the role of compressed air filters is.Compressed air filter performance: through compressed air filter, impurities such as oil molecules, liquid water, microorganisms, solid particles, dust, fine small particles in compressed air can be removed.For a group of filters with good performance, the filtration efficiency should be high and should generally reach more than 99.99%. the resistance is small to ensure that the filter gas pressure and flow rate do not change much; the filter material itself must
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