When was AIRWOLF established?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD manufacturer is a particularly popular solenoid valves manufacturer. In the future, AIRWOLF runs the business with sincerity-based management, so as to achieve mutual benefit. We seek survival by quality and develop with innovation. Sincere services provided by us are the foundation of customers' trust. All these contribute to a win-win situation which is based on common value. AIRWOLF's solenoid valve coil is widely used in multiple industries and fields. The air preparation units series is one of the main products of AIRWOLF. Instead of illuminating in all directions, this product emits light in one specific direction only. This prevents energy wastage and also keeps the surrounding cool. Airwolf Automation offers OEM/customization service to meet customers' specific requirements. we has high-quality suppliers and distributors, trading partners throughout the world. Airwolf Automation has an efficient service team, responding to customer's questions within 24h. we only produces high-quality products. If interested, please feel free to contact us.

How to calculate the filter area and flow rate of the chemical pipeline filter! Urgent !!! The opening rate of the filter is www.Xxhylyj.

What filter does small fish tank use? The small fish tank is ideal with back filtration. The back filter is that the whole filter device is installed behind the fish tank and the filter device cannot be seen from the front.The advantage is that the filtration volume is large, there are many filter materials placed, the filtration effect is good, and the equipment such as pipe line is not visible. it is naturally beautiful and shows the exquisite beauty of the small fish tank. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to make wallpaper.If you decide to use the back filter, you must buy a wider fish tank when you buy a fish tank, which is at least 10 cm wider than the average size of the fish tank, used to isolate the space and do the back filter.The back filter is made in the inside of the fish tank, called the inner back filter. With the whole glass of the hole (one hole in the upper and lower symmetrical angles), the width of the fish tank is 10 cm wide, and the glass glue is firmly sta
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