Where to get help if pneumatic air hose gets problem during the use?
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What are the main performance indicators of air filters? Filtration accuracy refers to the maximum diameter of the impurity particles allowed to pass. The key to affecting the filtering accuracy is the filter element. different filter elements can be selected according to the needs of the following components to achieve the corresponding filtering accuracy. \ R flow characteristic refers to the relationship curve between the air flow through the filter and the pressure drop at both ends of the filter at a certain inlet pressure. in actual use, it is best to lose less than 0 pressure. selected within the range of 03MPa. In the air filter, the main factors that affect the flow characteristic are the body and the filter element. \ R water separation efficiency refers to the ratio of separated water to the water content in the air inlet. Generally, the water separation efficiency of the air filter is not less than 80%. the main factor affecting the water separation efficiency is the guide plate.

Waterfall filter can add a filter under the outlet Of course, this is a secondary filter, and the effect will be better. However, you can choose two different precision, one is the filter accuracy is low, is the primary filter; the other is the high precision, the fine filter can of course, as long as it can be placed, the effect will be better, the water will be more refreshing. Yes, it's better to worry about the double layer.
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