Why AIRWOLF single solenoid valve is priced higher?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. AIRWOLF enjoys good natural conditions, geographic location and social environment with abundant resources and traffic convenience. AIRWOLF is committed to producing quality single solenoid valve and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers. If customers don't have the design, we can design and produce the exact that they want in every detail.

How to deal with the problem of blockage of compressed air precision filter? 1. the end cover is not strict;2. the piping valve is not opened;3. low intake pressure;Check the reason,4. air leakage of Type 0 sealing ring;5. air leakage in piping;1. the filter element is blocked or has a large adsorption capacity;2. Aging of filter elements;3. large load of intake impurities;4. Accumulated water in the filter cartridge;Find out why,5. automatic water drain failure;6. the installation of the filter is not horizontal;1. the intake air is not pre-processed;2. Aging of filter elements;3. the air contains chemicals that cannot be adsorbed by the filter element;4. the flow exceeds the rated value;5. there is a short air flow inside the filter;Find the reason,6. the solid screw of the filter element is not tightened;7. import and export of filters;8. the downstream pipeline is not clean;9. there are residual pollutants at the use point;10, bypass valve is not tight;1. the inlet and outlet v

What is the specific equipment of Screw Air Compressor after treatment? The post-treatment equipment of Bolet air compressor is generally divided into three categories,Among them, the most commonly used equipment is three types of Can, dryer (frozen and adsorption), filter, etc.Tanks are used to store compressed air;Eliminate pressure fluctuations,Buffer pressure,To ensure the continuity of the output airflow,Due to the pressure of the air compressor discharged from the air,After installing the tank,It can use the compressed air pressure at the gas end to be more stable;Adjust the amount of gas used or for emergency use in case of failure and temporary need;Further separation of moisture and oil in compressed air,The water separation steam in the middle of the air has formed a liquid water drop after being compressed by the air compressor,When these drops pass through the tank, they will be deposited at the bottom of the tank,There is a sewage valve at the bottom of the tank,Can be dischar
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