Why choose pneumatic vibrators produced by AIRWOLF?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD is committed to producing the most valuable tipping valve with less cost. Inquire online! The Leading Manufacturing General Mechanical Components Design Services Brand for Years Compared with products in the same category, angle seat valves we produce is equipped with the following advantages. AIRWOLF is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.

How to raise sea fish? 1. lighting equipment: the lighting equipment of the aquarium includes metal halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps and coral lamps.The coral lamp is a kind of light suitable for sea-water animals.It has a blue light and a fiber light,Can increase the color of corals and other animals,The viewing effect is very good.2. heat preservation equipment: 100-available for small aquariums-300 W electric heat pipe,Fixed at both ends of the aquarium.In the hot summer,When the water temperature is close to 30 °cMeasures to cool down should be taken,If equipped with a refrigerator or air conditioner,Or use the mechanism ice cubes to fit into the plastic and bag.Put in the aquarium after sealing.3. protein separator: also known as foam separator.It is the use of the surface of the bubble in the water, can absorb a variety of granular dirt mixed in the water and the principle of soluble organic matterA large number of bubbles are generated by an oxygen filling device or

Reverse osmosis water treatment device effluent pH value is higher than 5? (1) the hydrolysis of cellulose acetate membrane is easy to cause deterioration of the performance of the reverse osmosis device. For this reason, the pH value of the water must be strictly controlled, and the pH value of the water supply must be maintained at 5-6, and the composite film can be PH3-Run under the PH11 range.(2) when the amount of secondary sodium injection is insufficient and the free chlorine in the water supply cannot be measured, there will be sticky mud on the membrane assembly of the reverse osmosis device, and the pressure difference of the reverse osmosis device will increase.However, for composite films and polyamide films, the amount of free chlorine entering the membrane assembly must be strictly controlled, and exceeding the specified value will lead to oxidation and decomposition of the membrane.(3) if the water with the F1 value exceeding the standard is supplied to the reverse osmosis device as t
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