why you should use a pre-coat baghouse conditioner

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-14
The problem fabric filter bag is not used to filter, but to form a porous surface of the dust cake.
The dust removal cake developed becomes an actual filter.
When a bag filter replaces a new fabric filter bag and is put back into use, the volume and speed of the air flow through the bag filter are maximum.
The speed and volume of the dust and air flow initially passed through the air bag and the new filter bag allows the dust particles to penetrate the fabric filter surface, rather than forming a dust cake on the surface, so the new fabric filter section is \"blind.
This part is \"blinding\" to resist the airflow, slow down the speed, and allow the dust to start forming a dust cake on the surface of the fabric.
However, when the fabric begins to develop suitable dust-proof cakes, partial blinding of the fabric surface has reduced the potential airflow through the bag filter, in most cases, before replacing the new fabric filter, keep this state.
Another problem affecting the new fabric filter bag is the large amount of particles in the early days, which are \"sticky\" or \"sticky\" on the new fabric filter bag and will not be released.
This also causes partially blinding of fabric filters.
In addition, this material has developed a \"sticky\" base, which is again attached to a continuous particle collection.
The results may result in serious blinding problems and an unacceptable decrease in airflow capacity.
Chemical attacks can also be harmful to new fabric filters.
The chemical composition of the process airflow can be mixed with the moisture, high temperature or incompatible chemical composition in the fabric filter and cause the fabric filter to deteriorate.
The solution has limited ways to correct all three conditions with one solution.
The best and cheapest way to deal with all three of these damage conditions is to use chemical inert additives and be put back in the bag house \"on-
Or start service again.
Special preparation, super light (in density)
, Chemical inert powder can be introduced into the inlet pipe when baghouse is put back into use.
This powder is very light in weight and will not penetrate the fabric filter surface even at a higher speed, so it will not \"blind\" the fabric surface.
Therefore, the powder has developed a preliminary dust cake for a large accumulation of particles.
This type of powder does not absorb water and therefore does not adhere to \"sticky\" or \"sticky\" particles.
When these types of materials enter the baghouse, they are collected on inert powder, separating the fabric filter surface from the \"sticky\", \"sticky\" material.
Chemical inert powders like this can be continuously used on the basis of chemical attack protection applications. By pre-
Coating this powder on a new fabric filter, a protective coating has been developed between the filter surface and the airflow chemistry.
By using this powder daily or weekly, it can eliminate the further potential of chemical attacks.
As Africa develops before AfricaCoat.
This unique, specially formulated inert powder is very light.
When used as a fabric filter
Coating, which can prevent water, particle overflow, hydrocarbon carrying, bag blindness, oil, stickiness (sticky)
Or sticky pollution.
It is easy to use and is more effective than lime injection, and for the same result it is cheaper than lime, and even lime does not offer some benefits.
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