Wilbur families and leading the industry producing millions of vacuum pump

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Recently, the world's leading commercial vehicle at http://www. zjxmfm。 Com technology leader and tier one suppliers Wilbur, has more than 50 years of vacuum pump design and production experience, is currently in Asia is widely used in passenger cars and part of its commercial vehicles on the vacuum pump, in Qingdao, China has achieved 1 million factory output, it also marks the Wilbur families and become an important supplier of the Chinese passenger car market. Wilbur leading industry of the vacuum pump technology product has the advantages of compact design, light weight, low energy consumption. It helps to improve the vehicle fuel economy, at the same time, reduce exhaust emissions. Vacuum pump is an important part of vehicle braking system, it is widely used in diesel engines, including boosting gasoline engine or variable valve timing on the engine. Wilbur branch in Qingdao factory in the production of the vacuum pump were launched in 2010, 2013 annual output over 1 million pieces, and has set up a successful to major automobile and engine manufacturers at home and abroad. This also means that Wilbur to improve Chinese and global passenger car safety and efficiency of the contribution of his own. Wilbur group vice President, Asia Pacific President, 'said Dr Liu liang & other; Wilbur the Qingdao factory production of vacuum pump products are according to the same customer requirements on the application of the automobile braking, by the global research and development team to work together to research and development results. In China to realize rapid production is Wilbur branch differentiation advantage that marks our has become an important supplier of China's passenger car market, also continue to meet the global market for high performance, low energy consumption of vacuum pump growing demand. ” Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 Com our company is wenzhou brand ball valve factory is famous ball valve manufacturers in China, the main products are: ball valves - V-shaped ball valve - Electric valves - Pneumatic ball valve - Half of an eccentric valve - Half a ball valve - welding Hard seal ball valve - Soft sealing ball valves - Head spin ball valves - two-way flow Ball valve manufacturer, my company product quality reliable, affordable, timely delivery and considerate after-sale. Solution for my company to provide a full range of engineering of the valve, the valve in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales professional services - 0577 67989383
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