Will AIRWOLF become an OBM in future?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD is committed to producing quality custom pneumatic components and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers. The pulse valve manufacturers produced by AIRWOLF is widely used. If you have any needs, please contact AIRWOLF. AIRWOLF's pulse valve manufacturers series contains multiple sub-products.

Method of simple filtration of rural river water 10 It depends on how high the water quality requirements are. take a set of water pumps directly to pump the water tower. if the water quality requirements are high, add a filter pool after the water tower, filter with sand, and then use the water pump to pressure the water pipe. Another way is to install surface water filtration equipment.The concept of water filtration should be defined according to the location of the subject and object where water is located. When water is the main body, water filtration is a medium for filtering and handling other impurities, and a filtration method for effectively separating solids and gases through the dissolution of water. When water is an object, water filtration is a method specially for water treatment. it is a method of removing suspended solids in water by using filter media to obtain clear water.Filter principle:The water filter vacuum cleaner uses water as a filter medium to dissolve and lock most of

What kind of filter equipment does porcelain fish tank use? There are many types of filter equipment for porcelain fish tanks,Here we mainly introduce the following types: air lift biochemical cotton filter, barrel external filter, top filter of aquarium, fish tank filter with shape.Fix the biochemical cotton at the entrance of the water pump,Water flow is forced to circulate in biochemical cotton by water pump,Air is mixed to increase oxygen in water flow according to jet principle.The residual bait, biological excrement and other organic substances in the water can be absorbed on the surface of the sponge.Advantages: simple structure, low unit price,Use it directly in the fish tank water.Disadvantages: the filtering principle is simple and the effect is poor,Clean biochemical Cotton frequently,Placed in the fish tank to affect the viewing.Suitable for excessive use in small fish tanks during breeding and isolation treatment periods,But the water quality is too dirty.Generally, closed bar
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