With diameter gate valves and butterfly valves which expensive or cheap?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-03
With diameter gate valves and butterfly valves which expensive or cheap? Gate valves and butterfly valves in use when some of the functions are the same, so people when to choose to buy the valve products have such doubt, with diameter butterfly valve and gate valve which is expensive, which is cheap? What to choose? So small make up today and you talk about related knowledge. Gate valve is actually an opening and closing a gate, the movement direction of the ram and fluid in the perpendicular direction and the gate valve can only be fully open, close, not make adjustment and throttling. And butterfly valves to be known as the flap valve, is a kind of structure is relatively simple regulator, can be used in low pressure pipeline medium switch control, and the butterfly valve is closed for disc, around the shaft to rotate to achieve the opening and closing a valve. Generally the same caliber and specifications of the same circumstances, the same material, diameter, butterfly valve has simple structure, less material so are relative to the gate, the price will be lower. But in the actual application, not only in product selection according to the price high and low for choice, the main or want to choose according to the demand of the actual engineering design. Would normally small diameter are choose gate, because not only better sealing performance, and the service life is long. But if the valve diameter over 800 mm, many more people choose butterfly valve, first of all because the price is only half of the gate, and the other main reason is because when in open more effort. But there are also according to the requirements of the actual operation to choose the gate valve. Under the condition of the same material, diameter, and so on, if the valve diameter 400 mm to subordinate the flange butterfly valve is the most expensive, and gate valve, wafer butterfly is the cheapest. While more than DN400, which belongs to the gate, the most expensive and blue butterfly valve, the cheapest to the clamp. But in general, less than or equal to DN400 chooses the calibre of the gate valve and check valve to the clamp. But the basic is on the basis of site conditions.
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