Working principle and model of electric gate valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Working principle of the electric gate valve/summary of electric gate valve type of 1, electric gate valves, electric gate valve is composed of electric actuator and valve of a whole, ordinary gate valves are controlled by a gate valve with a handwheel or bevel gear is to be a whole operational gate valves, electric gate valves only to replace the handwheel or bevel gear with electric actuators. Electric gate valve is easy to operate, safe and reliable performance, can also according to customer requirements set up a remote operation or intelligent control, greatly convenient for the user's pipeline management. Because electric gate valve with a certain electrical principle, so many users on the working principle of electric valve is simulated, the letter mau technology for electric gate valve working principle on a simple elaboration here, hope when you choose electric gate valves, can help, if you use condition is special, so still suggest that you contact us shigeru department letter, give you a one-to-one selection, so as not to cause you unnecessary loss. 2, the working principle of the electric gate valves, electric gate valves, in a nutshell is to use the electric actuator control gate, there are two main types of electric gate valves, one for quarter-turn electric gate: from the Angle of the trip of electric actuators cooperate quarter-turn valves, gate valves within 90 - degree spin control pipe flow on and off; Another is straight travel electric gate: by straight travel electric actuator using with straight trip valve, valve plate up and down movement control pipe flow on and off. Which is equipped on a high degree of automation equipment, this valve level according to the precision of the best. 3, electric gate valves use: electric gate valve for liquid, gas and wind system pipeline medium flow analog control, is the control of AI. In large valve and wind system control can do two switch control with electric valve. Electric gate valves can be AI feedback signal, can be controlled by the DO or AO, is found in large pipe and wind valve, etc. 1. Switch forms: electric valve drive is commonly used motor, need time to open or close action of analog, can do to adjust. 2. Nature of work: electric valve drive is commonly used motor, voltage impact resistance. Solenoid valve is closed fast and fast, generally used in small flow rate and pressure, require switching frequency bigger place of electric valve and vice. Electric valve can control the openings of the state is open, closed, half-open half closed, can control the medium inside the pipeline flow and solenoid valve can not reach the requirements. 4, electric gate valve operating principle: electric gate valves are normally linked by electric actuators and valves, become a motorized valve after installation and debugging. Electric gate valves using electricity as the power to turn on the electric actuator drive valve, switch, adjust the action of valve. So as to achieve medium switch or adjust the purpose of the pipes. 5, shigeru letter electric gate model because there are so many types of electric gate valves, appearance USES are different, so when choosing electric gate valves, tend to choose to choose to do not know how to start, I don't know what specific electric gate valves suitable working condition of pipeline, letter mau technology for electric gate valve for this model to make a summary, when you choose to the standard as you choose. In case a special condition, we hope you contact our technical department, in order to achieve the precise selection. ( Also can leave a message in customer message to us) You choose our company electric gate valves, opens at need only by name, will have the electric gate valve in detail and join table size and details of it. You can also directly in the center of the product inside for the valve you need. Articles by the editing and publishing letter always fine alum valve co. , LTD
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