Working principle of the electric butterfly valve/scope/classification

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
1, the working principle of the electric butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve consists of electric actuators and butterfly valves, electric actuator to rotate 90 degrees, a switch and adjust type two kinds of control mode, through electric actuators rotate to drive the butterfly valve opened and closed. Have manual operation function, when the power switch butterfly valve by manual operation. Electric butterfly valve according to the different configuration of electric head can reach the use of different effects, such as electric actuator with switch mode can do butterfly valve switch, switch control medium in pipe. With external regulation of the electric actuator can do adjustment butterfly valve is used, adjust the size of the medium flow in pipe, and the switch. Match made explosion-proof butterfly valve, explosion-proof electric actuators can be used in some envoys of inflammable and explosive occasions. With intelligent electric actuator can make intelligent electric butterfly valve, in some of the more advanced applications. 2, electric butterfly valve, scope of application: the electric butterfly valve has simple structure, small volume, light weight, only by a few group of portable belt conveyer into several parts. Quick opening and closing, simple operation, at the same time, the valve has good flow control toothed roll crusher conveyor equipment features. So the electric butterfly valve can be seen everywhere in our daily life, small to family drainage, large hydropower plant to use. Not only in the oil, gas, chemical industry, electric butterfly valve is widely used in water treatment and other general industrial, but also applied to the cooling water system of thermal power plants. Electric butterfly valve and other valve type can achieve a advantages, electric butterfly valve is special suitable for large caliber, 48 '), on general valve diameter are calculated, so the electric butterfly valve in hydropower turbine imports, often adopted by the customer. 3, the classification of the electric butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve according to the connection mode and the specifications of the electric actuator, is divided into many types, and the following letter mau valve electric butterfly valve as a specific category, convenient for the customers in choosing letter 'brand electric butterfly valve, can suit the remedy to the case, the best! Shigeru letter electric butterfly valve, electric control intelligent electric butterfly valve regulating butterfly valve electric elastic metal sealing butterfly valve electric wafer hard seal butterfly valve electric wafer soft sealing butterfly valve electric three dimensional partial hardness sealing butterfly valve with flange electric ventilation butterfly valve electric telescopic electric large diameter butterfly valve electric multi-layer metal hard seal butterfly valve electric triple eccentric butterfly valve electric carbon steel butterfly valve electric cast steel electric stainless steel butterfly valves D973H electric butterfly valve to the clamp D943H electric butterfly valve regulated electric ventilation butterfly valve electric cut off electric adjustment butterfly valve electric soft sealing butterfly valve electric hard seal butterfly valve electric wafer butterfly electric flanged butterfly valve electric butterfly valve you when selecting a letter MAO electric butterfly valve, can according to the above name or corresponding model comparison, and then call my company sales department, sales department staff will provide you with a name or model number of electric butterfly valve, provide you with accurate quotation, and then the production department will according to your information to produce electric butterfly valve you satisfied! Articles by letter always fine alum valve co. , LTD. , editing and publishing, consulting click our website more electric butterfly valve on the home page
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