Would like to know the difference between the cut-off valve and butterfly valve? Come and see!

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Would like to know the difference between the cut-off valve and butterfly valve? Come and see! Compared to stainless steel globe valve and gate valve, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance is convenient, good regulation performance, widely used in all sorts of medium in the pipeline. But the change in the direction of fluid through the valve from time to tome, so the resistance is bigger, should not be used for material viscosity, containing suspended matter and crystallization pipeline, unfavorable also make exhaust valve and valve of low vacuum system. Stainless steel valve is widely used in all kinds of pressure fluid pipe, also commonly used in steam and compressed air line stop valve. Globe valve is a kind of common block valves, is mainly used to connect or truncation pipeline medium, is generally not used to adjust flow. Globe valve for pressure, temperature range is very big, but is generally used in medium and small diameter pipeline. Butterfly valve, also called the flap valve is a kind of simple structure of the regulator. Because of the butterfly valve should not be closely cooperate with wall, applies only to regulate traffic, cannot be used to cut off line, commonly used to transport on air and flue gas pipeline flow adjustment. Butterfly valve is used as the valve rod rotation circular disc for opening and closing parts, in order to realize the on-off movement. ball valve. Butterfly valve is mainly used block valves, can also be designed to have the function of the adjustment or truncation and adjustment. At present the use of butterfly valve on the low voltage and medium caliber pipeline more and more. Stainless steel butterfly valve can be used in ventilation and dust removal pipe two-way opening and closing and adjustment, it is widely used in metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical system of gas pipeline and waterways and so on. Flow regulating range is not big, when open 30%, flow rate is almost 95% above. Should not be used for high pressure pipeline system. General working temperature below 300, the pressure in the 4. Below 0 mpa. Large high temperature butterfly valve USES the steel plate welding manufacturing, mainly for the duct smoke and gas of high temperature medium. In general, stainless steel valve compared with stainless steel butterfly valve performance is good, the regulation of the regulation of butterfly valve performance is poorer, commonly used in place of simply switch. On the other hand cut-off valve is higher than the price of butterfly valve.
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