Wuxi pneumatic valve manufacturers which can provide the specifications

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Wuxi pneumatic valve manufacturer. East the control valve industry, specializing in the production of pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic valve, pneumatic high pressure ball valve, provide you with professional knowledge and pneumatic valve pneumatic valve products, pneumatic valve knowledge such as drawings, recommended production pneumatic valve manufacturer, pneumatic valve experts for you to solve the problem of all kinds of pneumatic valve. Each manufacturer has its own pneumatic ball valve model method. Different gate types performance comparison is divided into different gate types. Gate valves can also be based on different material, different pressure and different seal and connection mode. Pneumatic valve main categories 1) 2) pneumatic V regulating ball valve Pneumatic type O cut the ball valve (3) Ball valve torque type cylinder 4) Electromagnetic diaphragm valve 5) Pneumatic diaphragm valve 6 straight program) Electric valve pneumatic control valve is designed for precise adjustment pipeline medium parameters such as flow, pressure valve type, straight type pneumatic control valve pneumatic single-seat regulating valve, pneumatic two-seater regulating valve, pneumatic sleeve regulator three forms of valve core, used in different medium pipeline, and is dedicated to the zero leakage of toxic medium pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve and pneumatic fluorine-butterfly regulator used in strong corrosive medium pipe and specifically for used in high temperature medium pipeline and production of high temperature resistant pneumatic control valve. Pneumatic three-way valve used in three-way pipes with FenLiuXing and confluence type two kinds, respectively control tee pipe diversion and confluence, and precise control pipeline medium parameters. Pneumatic ball valve has two kinds of pneumatic switch ball valve and pneumatic regulating ball valve, not only can be used for pipe opening and closing, with locator can also adjust the function of pipeline medium. Mainly has two-way, tee, four-way form three kinds of the valve body. Pneumatic two-way valves according to user requirements in high temperature medium pneumatic high temperature ball valve, corrosion resistant lining fluorine ball valve and the wear resistance of the pulverized coal pneumatic spray special ball valve. Pneumatic three-way ball valve is shunt, confluence. Pneumatic four-way valve is used in reversing the four-way pipes. Pneumatic butterfly valve is of the fastest developing speed in recent years, the valve type, have the wafer and flange connection, can choose according to user medium sealing forms, such as pipeline strong corrosive medium can also choose to pneumatic fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve. As well as pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve not only open open and truncation, the pipe medium with locator can also automatically by adjusting the parameters of the pipeline medium. Especially suitable for working condition of atmospheric pressure, large diameter pipeline. Because of its cheap, short structure, superior performance, by the broad masses of users to choose. Pneumatic cut-off valve and gate valve are common valve model, these two models are all have the effect of truncation, apply to the working condition of high, medium low pressure pipeline, but the occasion of this two kinds of valve is not applicable to adjust. Which gate is divided into two gate valves and knife gate valve, suitable for slurry pipe. Pneumatic valve specifications; Model; Pressure of work; Manufacturing standards; The valve body material; Stem material; The sealing material; Valve shaft packing material; Stem bushing material; Internal and external anti-corrosion materials; Start operation direction; Revolutions; Open-close torque under the conditions of work pressure; Factory name; Manufacture date; Factory number; Weight; Connecting flange of the aperture, the number of holes, the center hole spacing; To indicate the overall graphic way control the size of length, width and height; The valve flow resistance coefficient; Effective number of opening and closing; The valve factory inspection data and the matters needing attention of installation and maintenance, etc. Pneumatic - valve pneumatic control valve, pneumatic control valve type, wuxi well-known manufacturers, east the self-control is dedicated to bringing our customers a full range of the optimal performance of the valve and the related parts, pneumatic valve specifications more accessible:
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